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The scale of the threat facing marine environments around the world from plastic pollution has become headline news. Whilst there are various initiatives and projects underway to address the source of the problem, it is clear that humanity has created and continues to create a problem on a scale that promises to affect everything in the food chain from ocean and sea ecosystems all the way up to human beings themselves.

It is clear to suppress the continuous pollution of our land and seas will require far reaching and broad change politically, economically, socially and culturally, a process that is likely to take years if not a lifetime or generations. 


A group of intrepid engineers have built a technology that promises to provide a easy, scalable and economically viable solution that will both alleviate the causes as well as help to solve the effects of human behaviour and waste disposal.

We have created Cyclonex.


Waste disposal has become an ever present concern in our consciousness.  The scale of the problem will continue to grow unless there is a broad global consensus and drive to replace specific materials in manufacturing, packaging and other areas.  Some of the examples of the problem we face are:   






Cyclonex is a thermal destruction technology based on a concept originally developed in the 1930s.  The system has the ability to incinerate plastic and other waste materials without producing any harmful by-products.  A single self-sustaining Cyclonex system can convert one tonne of waste per hour into 6 MW of heat energy and with the waste-to-energy module 1MWh of electrical power.  

What's more, Cyclonex can be deployed on land and at sea. 



The Cyclonex system is a newly designed thermal combustion system.  The key to its effectiveness is centred around the design of the modular components that ensure waste that is fed through a hopper into the unit, is dried, and then incinerated with maximum efficiency.   Cyclonex requires 6 litres of diesel to initiate to a operational temperature, whereby through a specially designed engine is able to sustain its own operation as well as produce heat and ultra low-cost electrical energy.  Core to the system is a piece of software that acts to keep the parameters such as temperature, airflow, feed rate, cooling and steam generation at the correct levels so that waste materials are burnt within the correct range to ensure no harmful dioxins or nitrogen dioxins are produced.  

Cyclonex adaptability means that it can be turned used to burn plastic, tyres, hospital waste and other waste products with the same results. 



One tonne of waste produces 6MW of heat energy


Modular units to assemble on site


Waste-to-energy (WTE) derivative produces 1MWh of electrical power from 1 tonne of waste


Waste destruction at source to reduce pollution and landfill requirement, destruction of current pollution to alleviate ecological and environment impact


Small number of component parts


Low cost compared to traditional incinerators, WTE provides earning potential through the production of energy


Once at operating temperature the energy produced from incineration is used to power the system


System produced using high-grade recycled stainless steel


Minimal moving parts to ensure the requirement for technical maintenance and attention is reduced


Add more units to increase capacity


Assembled as light weight modules, fits into upcycle 20ft (6m) ISO shipping containers


No civil works required, just a level firm surface


Cyclonex applications are many and varied, some examples of its commercial opportunities are:


  • Ecological and sustainable housing developments

  • Agriculture and food production – intermittent and expensive supply of electricity

  • Industrial developments and energy intensive manufacturing processes

  • Ocean islands – too remote to remove waste

Humanitarian applications exist in the following areas: 

  • Ocean and River clean up

  • Disposal of “tyre mountains”

  • Disposal of waste in the third world

  • Specialised and hazardous materials and liquids / toxic and medical waste


  • Founding team have invested initial seed capital to support the launch of the company, marketing and sales effort and the initial third generation prototype build of the Cyclonex system.

  • Manufacturing partner and premises have been secured.

  • LOI in place with a major auto-parts manufacturer, securing the first thirty production ready units.

  • Local authority expression of interest in the UK for securing further units.

  • Official government level backing for deploying Cyclonex across an array of business parks, industrial estates and smart cities in the MENA region. 

  • Officially publicity launch for the project, including Cyclonex and CleanOcean365 scheduled for mid-October 2019.

  • Initial conversations underway to secure angel investment of £2.5m

  • Conservative three-year revenue and EBITDA forecast (based on the sale of 77 units) indicates £102m  and £33m respectively at the end of year three.  

For further information please contact Finov8